SERIES – A City and its Aroma(SFOcity)

San Francisco Trip – A fun-filled experience

Day 2:


After bidding bye to the Napa village, the cute red-jacket driver drove us fast towards the city to reach the ship yard where our Ferry is waiting to take us in midst of Pacific Ocean. He made us ON-TIME there and issued our ferry-ride pass. Now getting aboard on the Ferry I first saw the Alcatraz Island – Yeah! The Rock movie – Nicholas Cage 😉 the very same jail in the SFO bay.

Ferry ride-Alcatraz island
Ferry ride-Alcatraz island

The ferry ride takes you through the light house in Fisherman’s wharf and then to the SFO junction at the last. Before we reached, the darkness engulfed the ocean and the sky and there we got an awesome view of the SFO orange bridges with complete lightings on.

The engulfing darkness....
The engulfing darkness….

Ferry ride is so exciting and DONOT ever miss that when you get the chance. You will love the city’s landscape view which we see in the Windows wallpapers.

Bridges lightened up....
Bridges lightened up….

And that day, I was very happy with the fact that I have travelled on the three oceans of the world – Indian ocean (well I am from Southern part of India), Atlantic ocean – I took a Ferry ride in North sea while in the Netherlands and I don’t dare to take one from east coast of USA (Well! Bermuda triangle is near to us ..JFF :P), and now Pacific ocean at SFO.

And now that our Ferry landed and we started walking out in the streets of SFO – chit chatting and making out our dinner plans. All are in a mood to try a new cuisine. I wanted to try out a complete Mexican or a Spanish cuisine.

We decided to try a Mexican restaurant ” TROPISUENO”. We just wandered on the streets enjoying the lit-up city view and started to our dinner destination.There we go the Mexican Indiana cuisine welcoming us with their Mexican music ON, the inner decors taking you to Mexico and the waitress is so sweet in helping us with our orders.

Before we order and go for our food we are served with their authentic Tacos with three chutneys. I tried a Mischelada drink, ‘Ceviche’ – tilapia marinated In lime juice with onion, cilantro and avocado (I became a fan for this dish. It’s just awsummmm…)

Tacos, Ceviche, Mischelada....
Tacos, Ceviche, Mischelada….

We ordered combinaciones – combination served with rice, beans and salad with Fajitas ( one with grilled chicken and other with beef).

Combinaciones - Fajitas...
Combinaciones – Fajitas…

At the end of the meals, you are given a lollipop as a compliment 🙂

And now Day2 comes to an end as we move towards the BART station (SFO train channels) to Fremont from where we can walk to our home. You really have to be little safety conscious with your belongings as pick-pocket incidents are very common. Be very careful with your documents. It is always best to carry your documents in hip-tied bags with your sweater/shirts on.

//*Day 3 to be continued***

Series – A City and its Aroma(Napavalley)

San Francisco Trip – A fun-filled experience

Day 2:

We started our Day 2 to spend in the NAPA VALLEY which is famous for world’s best wines. I had this place on top of my wish list and my friend S booked for a tour package (Napa tours with Ferry ocean ride).

My “Wine interest”:

I studied in SCISM school – an institution funded by Christian missionary and heard, seen people in church taste wine after their prayers as prasatham as in our Hindu temple. Right from childhood days, I had interest in wines. I always wanted to taste the BEST wines but anyhow had no nerve to taste some which we get in Indian cities also.  (Well,in India, “alcohol consumption by women” is a topic put for debate even in this modern era where we talk about women empowerment, equal rights, blah blah ..) So I somewhere read about these Italian wines, Napa wines in my early college days and wished to taste those if I were visiting those places in my life. One of them happened really now.

Back to the point, we started from home by early 6’o clock on a cab from Fremont to SFO city where we have to report in front of the PIER-39 building to the Napa City tours. In our planning history for the first time we reached the place well before 40 minutes:D, so we just walked on the street which is near to the Pacific bay and  It is such a breath-taking view that someone has sketched up the scene and am looking at a painting only. Then I witnessed the sunrise slowly clearing the Bay Bridge. That’s a perfect start for the day.

Just like a Canvas painted...
Just like a Canvas painted…

A man with Red jacket with a black hat welcomed us to the tours and we started our DAY 2! He looked cute by his face and I dint hear his name when he introduced himself to us 😛 And now we settled in our seats in the bus and he started narrating the stories about the SFO city.

And now the excitement within me is ramping up as we move in the city streets and joining the highway leading to the Napa villages. We reached the SFO- orange bridge view point and halted for some 15 minutes to take a quick look at the bridge. To my dismay, the orangieeee is not showing up to me with fully fog covered up. I could see the complete bluish- green water of the Pacific and the outline of the bridge only.

Foggy morning in pier 39& view point.
Foggy morning in pier 39& view point.

We started back to the Napa villages and travelling on the village roads.

My childhood flash-back 😛 

I was taken aback to my childhood days when travelling with my family in our TN transport bus to Cumbum waterfalls with roads on both sides covered by grape yards and myself sitting in window seat and my appa explaining about the soil – minerals, weather and other geographical factors which maketh the grapes harvesting in Cumbum valley and I used to fall asleep on him even before he finishes his lecture. Well geography! – I can’t help myself thinking of Noble Sir (Soils- lesson 4 in 10th std Geography syllabus) :).

And here now, the cute Red-jacket tour guide was explaining all the facts about the Napa valley, their business, people’s lifestyle etc. We all were reminded of Munnar tea estate rides also and were talking about that too.

About Napa:

Well, now let me share some facts about this Napa region. This beautiful region has some sad face too. Yes, it is an earthquake-prone area and the latest earthquake hit approximately a month before – that was the time we were also planning for this trip and that got cancelled.

In 1906, an earthquake marking 8.6 at Richter scale left bad scars to the city. And even today the people never know when the next will hit. It just comes, takes away everything and goes. Some reconstruct, some move apart to other places and I felt that speaks for the attitude of the people here – “Whatever comes, let’s live the moment as tomorrow is uncertain”. And how earthquakes affect the wine business? – Well, the wine making takes years and years to brew and get the best wines. They invest TIME in this business and the wine out of those many years will just be spoilt in few seconds of earth quake – Years are lost in seconds for them. All these stories, a wine yard-brewery owner was sharing his feelings with us.

Napa villages...
Napa villages…

And this region is famous for the harvest of largest pumpkins and you can see one behind her in the below pic. Believe, that’s one real on earth :O

Interesting ....
Interesting ….

They took us to 4 wine yards each 60-90 minutes tour that explores the family history and wine-making process. The wine yard spokes-person narrates extensively about their history, business background, and their long-roots in this business, their quality, specialty of their wine brewing methods taking us a tour in to their yards filling our glasses with the perfect wines and our mind with the history of the wine you taste.

These wine yards have extensive eat-outs with Italian, Spanish and Mexican food items. They serve chicken, pork, ham, beef and a lot of veggie items too and even a vegetarian can have good meal out here. There are proper rest-room facilities with good sanitation too.

You have to make a payment of 10-20 $ to taste the best and the oldest of their wines.

FRANCISCAN: The first wine yard we visited and a 6 feet hulk-like person explained his family business and presented us their best 4 wines of their brewery to taste. I clicked pics of some which were in display for sale too.

V.SATTUI: This is a little big winery and they let us taste 6 wines out of their best 25 for 10 $. I went for one shot- 6 wines little concerned that I should not get over-drunk.

Honestly, this winery has some really STRONG wines and I could not help myself from getting high. I started laughing when trying my 3rd shot. Well! As I know this is the first stage of getting high. Usually, Am the one mostly in my group to manage my friends who get high and thanks to them now for letting me know the signs 😛 I was like managing and drank a lot of water then, took a break. Somehow all the 6 shots are tasted and I am impressed with their brand ‘Angelica’ – a red wine. This wine got 2 GOLD medals for its taste at Atlanta Wine Summit – Best Fortified Wine in America and Sommelier Challenge.

Wineries - random clicks
Wineries – random clicks

BERINGER: One of the very oldest, about 130 years, in wine-making business, Beringer is a top-notch brand in Napa. I tasted some 3 of their best wines and as a nice finishing touch, the sweet lady offered me with one more. I was surprised to feel my glass hot when she poured-in a steamed wine which they marinate with some secret country herbs and spices and she just surprised me by making me taste a hot red wine in my life. It is heavenly in its taste.

ANDRETTI: The last winery we visited. Though am not much involved here because I know already my inner bell started ringing for my limit, I was much involved in his stories he shared. He explained us the difference between the taste before and after the process of brewing. So I just enjoyed those 2 sips of wine to realize the before-after brewery effects.


And bidding good-bye to the Napa village, we started to move towards the city. Ah!!! Ah!!! Wait, still Day 2 is not over.. We have still a lot to go!!

//day 2 – To be continued ***//

My fairy T(r)A(ve)LE -Part 3

#Warning: #foodporn Yu might have a foodgasm 💃

The previous fairy t(r)a(ve)le is here- PArt 1Part2

So after all the sea adventures and sports it is time for us to be on land, relish fresh seafood​, cocktails, some Hawaiian foods, beach baths, sleep in the beach sand and dance for nice music DJ and repeat the same in different orders 😛 ..
The very first of Hawaii , I felt reluctant in goin for sea foods for the fear of allergy, so little dose of fishes and chicken we had with a Hawaiian touch. We tried the “Maui Mixed plate” which is near the Maui mall- its kind of quite ok. As we still dint get out for exploring the town, we chose simple food after our Haleakala biking.  But I liked all their cocktails.

We chose a Hawaiian Sunnyside up rice plate with coleslaw, some chicken wings with siracha sauce, tequila sunrise cocktails. Locomoco is a must try – rice with brown gravy topped with a hamburger patty and a fried egg. I like the dish out of all.

Sunny side-up Rice plate
Chicken wings on siracha sauce with mayonnaise
Locomoco – rice, brown sauce, hamburger patty and fried eggs
Cocktails pinacolada, tequilas

And second day, after the snorkeling and quite a workout and walked to the Banyan Tree Park.
Lahainas Banyan tree Park is a must see destinations very near to the port, Pacific whale foundation and local shopping streets. Check out the pic for the gigantism it showcases.

Banyan tree Park- Lahainas Bay

So as  we started exploring the local streets and decided to try local food delights. A highly recommended food station you must try is ” Down the Hatch”. It’s never a complete island trip if you don’t relish the exotic seafoods. So we tried grilled tiger shrimps, grilled fishes, ‘Catch of the day’ menu – it’s fresh fish out of sea and cooked to serve your palette 🙆. I liked the ambience of this place, quite local, open sky with a bar and cocktails.

Tiger Shrimps grilled with Shell.
“Catch of the day” – Maui Fish grilled with broccoliand lemon zests
Down the Hatch restaurant

And by all evenings we visited the beaches and went to Hilton beach resort for a short stay. The ambience is great and expensive though. 

So for all the rest of the later noon and evenings, we were floating in the beaches and come n lie on the beach shore and this was in repeat mode. Hilton hotel hosts a special event as a Hawaiian tribe cliff-ritual of thanking the Mother Sea. 

This ritual is performed by Hawaiian tribe.One among the three  lits fire lamp and then chanting local language thanking the Sea. Then the other two tribes will jump in to the sea. This is carried out during sunset.

Ritual- Cliff

 Check out the video for this cliff-ritual. 

Hawaii dresses are pretty and a lot of ways nearly 50 styles of wearing- Sarong and Pareo, wraps. I tried one style with flowers in head and neck which quite suits the Hawaiian beach look. Don’t miss to try yourself Hawaiian traditional dresses.

Sarong – Beach wear 🌊

Must try – a road trip to Hana, twin falls. And if you have budget, you can try out helicopter rides seeing the beaches, falls, the dense forests, Pacific beauty and enjoi a life time experience in the exotic ALOHA LAND.


MAHOLA for treating us so nice and giving us unforgettable moments and lifetime experience… 

My fairy T(r)A(ve)LE -Part 2

The previous fairy t(r)a(ve)le is here- PArt 1

Hawaii is a welcoming land. The people love their land and some people expressed little hatred against USA in grounds of commercialisation of nature, treating natural resources as business commodity etc. While on our ferry ride, the local tour guide showed us the Molokai islands and one more and informed that one particular island is open for rehabilitation projects where youngsters can volunteer with US govt registration, stipends etc b’coz the island is completely spoiled due to nuclear weapons and other destructive man activities.

So by morning 7 am we reached the Lahainas bay for a snorkel tour. We boarded on a ferry for the snorkel destination – Molokini crater.

Molokini crater -Snorkel spot

By an hour we reached the crater bay. The ferry supplied a lot of martinis, pineapples, and other juices. Breakfast was also provided.

(Check out this link for “Must see snorkel destinations“). I booked my snorkel tours with the Pacific whale foundation. They are very friendly and professional with us.

This was my first snorkel trip ever and I was quite excited about doing it in Hawaii. We’re instructed with swimmers and non-swimmers as a whole batch. Then we got to pair up and we started jumping in to the sea with our partners.  We were told that we can witness turtles, fishes, coral reefs and if luck favours , whales too 😝… I was bit of a combined feelings – anxiety, fear ( they said whales 😛), happiness all mixed up.  For about an hour you will be allowed to snorkel in some 40ft water in-between the anchored ship and the molokini crater few kms. Then when the ship captain whistles to come back, we returned to the ferry.

On the ferry, some got sea sick and some are completely in party mode, chit chatting, having drinks , relishing the local fruits. One more important thing you cannot miss out in Hawaii is pineapple. It is a slice of heaven when it touches the taste buds. It is so wild, juicy that I felt my mouth was completely washed up by juice, so refreshing it was. And also check out their vodka- tequila based cocktails with local friut juices, beef burgers/turkey sandwich/ cheese Steaks, fish fingers etc. Totally worth it.

On the way nearing the crater bay
On the way back

Ohhh wait! It was about snorkeling and there is no excitement in this post right! Bcos after witnessing the deep beauty of ocean, this is how it will be- almost lost in words, the wanting to ‘lets be here for the rest of life’. Though I had a few time in the snorkeling I could not take that view outta mind for my life. If  I get a chance again, I will definitely take on snorkel trip in another beach. So have a sneak- peek in to this pics for what I witnessed.

Sea turtles 🐢
Coral reefs
Yellow fish – a predominant variety seen
Swim with turtles

#fairy moments yet to come

My fairy T(r)A(ve)LE -Part 1

There is a saying, ” GO WHERE YOU FEEL THE MOST ALIVE”.

How do you know which place will give you the feel? Simple, Travel- Travel and travel and find that land. Sometimes the land you fantasize, you dream, you long for going, maybe thought seeds rooted in your childhood as you read and started liking that place – these factors can help to decide/find that one place (it can be many places too 🙂 )

I read, seen documentaries and grew a fantasy for such a land. It is an island. I never ever imagined i will travel to that land in my lifetime. I think always as a fairy travel in my dreams where in dreams alone i walk along the shores of that seas, live few days on that land.

It was really a fantasy come true when i made it -Yes, my fairy travel to ALOHA LAND -Hawaii Islands. I treasure it as a fairy travel tale to be remembered.

When residing in USA, I made up my mind to earn money and travel to Hawaii – no matter if i have to give all my savings. I faced some failure attempts for the travel plan. But you know what, the dreams will never give up on you because your thoughts and desires have already fueled the success of your dreams. When the time comes, the dreams will make you go the path.

When there were only few months to return to my homeland, my heart longed for this travel. And suddenly i got my saved money for the travel, a vacation and made plans with my friend Sadhana. One fine day I started from SanFrancisco, CA to Maui Islands.

Travel (Flight) – Virgin America (direct to Maui Islands)

Accomodation : If you want to be economical, opt for hostels (best way to save money). I stayed at Lahaina Last Resort Hostel- room sharing at very cheap cost with facilities like kitchen with cooking utensils, wifi, complimentary breakfast, and opportunity to mingle with different people staying in the same house. I think we stayed with almost like 10 people in home.

Or if you wanna pamper yourself go to high-expensive resorts. Though we stayed in hostel, we also spent time at the Hilton for a day (it is expensive though).

Activities –

The Aloha land is full of activities – snorkeling, para gliding, trekking, surfing, scuba much more to be fun.

Maui was so sweet to me and welcomed me with this “MOONBOW”. (rainbow – sun’s light; moonbow- dispersion of moon’s light)


 Haleakala sunrise:

Ask me the breathtaking moment of my life: So far, i will say this Haleakala sunrise.  I booked for the Haleakala bike tours with activityMaui. Morning 3 a.m we were picked up at the resort main spot in a van and the driver was a friendly lady  who described the beauty we were about to witness for the day. Fueled by her speech, my mind already started imagining the sunrise, filled with anxiety to reach the place to see what is in-store for my morning today. We almost reached the sunrise viewpoint by 5 am (around 2 hours of journey- there was a long queue while entering in to Haleakala national park).

Almost in half sleep, finding hard to open my eyes to see things clear and now this happens…….. I was like where the f*** am I?? is it heaven or did i even die?? 😛 Just check below the view.


It was dark and just when i got my mouth wide-open while i turned around for the west and i am like… there was this moon that too full moon which is on its way to set off for the day.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-29 at 8.22.27 PM (2)
Moon sets off

If you go on a full moon day to Haleakala, you can see sunrise on east with the moonset on west at the same time.

The very feeling of you between the moon and sun – an awesome experience.

This awesome start of the day continued with the bike ride down the hill.  Much excited about biking down a Haleakala volcano,  I biked through the roads  full of bright lavender flowers blooming all around. It was a like myself in my dreamland. While biking down the mountain, i passed many villages and stopped at few and relished the local foods, chit-chatted with the locals there. Check out the pics

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took almost noon for us to reach the town. The full time cycling made us so tired and i headed to rest awhile in my hostel room.

//More fairy moments instore 🙂

KABADI…A game of ethics & Values

So thinking of what made me write this post, I was craving these days to get my shoes dirty playing in a play field. It’s long since I got to a play field for any game.

During my school days, sports activities are not so encouraged by the school management especially for 10th, 12th grade students as we need to channelize all our focus to the upcoming exams. For at least others the P.Ed classes are there, these poor jenmas are blocked with tests/special classes even for P.Ed periods. I hate those times most.

Play-work Balance

I remember when we were studying 11th or so.. We use to beg for some extra P.Ed sessions and use to play. Its only our girls who one fine day decided to play KABADI (we are so bored of the usual KHO-KHO, ringball, seven stones, lock & key kinda games). Well ! now everyone’s mind will be running with Ghilli film.. For that reason, Ghilli is one of my favorite film too ( though I belong to gang of trolling the film hero 😛

We saw others giving a very weird look when we started playing at first… But slowly the fire picked-up , our class boys played and then slowly the juniors and almost everybody in school started playing kabadi in their respective P.Ed sessions.
Those are cool days – the very own feeling of getting to a playground, play until you feel exhausted, sweating throughout, screaming, the joy of being kid (  

For me, Kabadi na MASSS.. that ‘s why somehow we started to play saying why cannot we play kabadi in a school playground.. It sounds kinda gethu oru massu.. We started just like that but then I got interested to know about the game and the rules. I vaguely remember some book (English-version) written by a Telugu Author and I read those days. Even though we dint strictly keep up the rules in our plays, it was all fun and sometimes getting in to fights for the out-decisions. 

My knowledge on the game “technically”: 

Is limited only :P. Lets see..

Usually a forty-minute two-party game. Coin-toss decides which team goes first.

This is the simple representation of kabadi court. Seven players on each side. 

The team who wins toss sends a ‘RAIDER’ to the opposite team’s territory. The opposite team are now ‘DEFENDING/ STOPPERS’.
Raiders – Go and touch the opponent in their territory and you always will have to say ‘KaBaadi, kabadi’ without giving breath and touch midline and return back to your territory. You get points for the number of defenders you tag.

Defenders – Should not allow the raider to touch you and escape. Prevent the raider from getting back to his territory and get points if you succeed.

Alternate the duty of Raiding/defending between the teams after 20 minutes and a short break-time. While you alternate, you should switch between the sides of the court. The team with most points at the end wins the game.


If the raider touches any defenders and touches the mid-line, the players he tagged are out.

If a raider is captured and cannot make it to midline before he runs out of breath, he is out.

If any player (raiding or defending) steps outside the boundary lines, he is out (unless he was pulled. In that case the player who offends is declared out.)

If a team has three no-point raids in a row, the third raider is given out. However, if a raiding member crosses the balk (inner line) and return to his side of the court, the raider team gets point even she don’t tag any.

Defenders should not grab the Raider by cloth, hair, or any part of the body other than her limbs and torso. 
For any game of play, the players will groom up with the qualities that the game instills in.. the ethics you learn, the rules you follow while playing the game – you definitely grow up mentally too..


My Take-aways from Kabadi:

I love the chanting of Kabadi..kabadi.. when you enter the opponent’s arena.. holding the breath, spirit of not giving-up till your breath, that determination you keep in the game.. there’s a lot with a KABADI game.

If you observe, the game has got integrity in it. You never will attack the opponents who are out of your territory. Only who violates the border will be fought out. Sometimes when you start a mokka conversations with buddies it turns out to be a brainstorming sessions. And those ‘sometimes’ when we discuss games and what you improve kind-of, we get ideas and realize “oh yeah !!  I too feel this “. So here goes my thoughts from those discussions we had on the game. 

Any other ground games like Cricket, hockey, golf, billiards or mind-games like chess, most of our Asian games be it Kabaadi or kho-kho, seven stones these games have no techniques, tools to play – like if you follow this technique you will get this. 

No laid roads – No Directio

Kind of ‘no laid-roads’ condition – “Follow this, you get this”. 
 These are pure instinct games. You are left in the ground with no armor, no tools but only your instincts and the prompt to believe your instinct and make your decision.


When you are a RAIDER in the game, there is no leader for you. “Naane raaja, naane mandhiri” – attitude. You have to think, feel the situation, follow your instinct and make your decision. It is all YOURS.

for that matter, kabadi, kho-kho, basket ball are games with “leaderlessness”. 


When you are a DEFENDER in the game; WORK CLOSE, STAY UNITED, SUPPORT and NEVER GIVE UP- Give your full strength and get back Victory with your team.


How cool things a game teaches. This is what a game makes us grow – Isn’t it?
I don’t like the thought of separating games to genders. Some says – oh that’s a GIRL game. I have seen many guys telling I can’t play a girl game like kho-kho, thatta-kaai, pandi, pallaanguli.

(Left from top) Thattakai, Kho-Kho, Pallanguli; (Right) Paandi

 If you see the former- kho-kho is a girl game, then you can see it holds almost the same values as kabadi and also there you have to motivate the appropriate team member to take on the play when you know you have no more to help the team in the game. The art of giving chance and motivate your fellow member and achieving success and now you know Why Indian girls grow as back-bone of families 😍. And the latter are good mind-games as well. 
A game is a game and a player is a player – Simple!!!

While talking about these games, I recently got introduced to the topic “GAME THEORY” – a recent trending study in the field of economics/politics/pschycology etc. and a book suggestion – “Games Indian Play- Why we are the way we are”.

Game Theory – An evolving study

 The book on the ‘Yet to read’ list I believe this book has strong criticism on Indian culture and digs deep on our way of thinking based on it. I am quite excited to read on this after its mixed reviews. 
Finally, a GAME speaks for your culture, your behavior, how you take things in life. I wish our Indian parents encourage sports during child-hood itself and make kids grow stronger, healthier in body and mind as well.

Do share your comments and thoughts with me about your favorite game. 



*This write-up will help you know the basics and importantly a call for support*

Jallikattu is an ancient Tamil sport from ancient ages. Apart from celebrated as tradition, It is a method to select the great quality of bull which is used for breeding and reproduction of cows.​

Jallikattu – the iconic ancient sport of TamilNadu,India.

Culture to enhance BIO-DiVErSITy

Bulls, cocks cannot yield milk or any direct product benefits, they are purely maintained by farmers for fieldwork and reproduction of their cows, hens. These ancient sports are the symbols of Indian people who are taking proper care of their breeds. result of the game shows the finest breeds and they help in better offsprings. Better offsprings means healthy life and they yield healthy products to the farmers. This takes it to the business. 

There are organisations like PETA,CUpA, AWBI etc.which says themselves as animal welfare associations claimed this sport as barbaric and harmful against animals. IT IS NOT.

An old family photograph of a farmer

Treated Friendly

Rural people here treat cows and bulls as their family members and I have witnessed people crying over a death of these cattles when they age out. Such people cannot think to harm these cattles. These people are sentimental and very caring about their cattles and they always treat business only as second hand. These cattles and the men, women, children embrace an emotional bonding with them.

Bulls are by birth ferocious and the sports all over the world are to always maintain them in that nature. Unlike bull fight in Spain, where the bulls which are defeated in field are sent to slaughter houses, after jallikattu none of the bulls are slaughtered.

Agriculturists and social activists see this ban as a politics to make Indian native cattle breeds extinct and introduce ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION and also open markets for foreign countries to take over the strong and healthy INDIAN DAIRY INDUSTRY. 

The Scenario now is The Supreme court of India has issued judgement to ban this culture-heritage sport. This act is taken as a step to crush the Indian native breeding, livestock industry.

Good part is people in TamilNadu realised now that the ban, in the name of animal welfare, is a threat to their native breeds. This is not only the condition with single sport jallikattu- this law crushes many sports relevant to these native breeds. Some are

2.Rekhala race (bull-cart race)

3.seval kattu(Cock-fight) 

4.Kedaa vilayattu (Mountain goats fight)

Other than farmers and rural side, the urban side and people from different jobs and trade hve also come under one roof “Tamizhans” realising their duty to save farmers and Agriculture.

Common people protesting the ban on jallikattu.

And Women have a great part in rearing of cattles in rural India. We don’t stand in the jallikattu field to encounter raging bulls -Men do that. But We are the supporting pillars for both participants there. My men and my cattles – we stand back for them and wish for the goodness of mankind and our cattles too. So this is enough to say women support this and this is not a violent barbaric sport.

Woman Livestock keepers – Rural TamilNadu
Woman Livestock keepers – Rural TamilNadu
Women r equal to men in Indian Agriculture
Sevarkattu (cock fight)

The main catalyst for all these realisations, people’s arising for a good cause is Kangayam Senapathy cattle Research Foundation (SKCRF, Tirupur District). The founders and trustees – Mr.Karthikeya SivaSenapathy, Mr. Balakumar Somu, Mr. HimaKiran Anugula and Mr. Sankaranarayan, who works closely with BICCI channelizes proper protests. They work as a council body- Biodiversity  conservation council, India(BICCI). They speak with proper facts why these sports should not be banned and they can address you on any of your questions to clarify your doubts. 

You can contact the FB pages:

To conclude,

For emotions – it is our tradition from ages… 

For facts – this sport has a biodiversity linked background and

For politics- we know the mafia trying to take over Indian DAIRY industry… Tamizhans are neither sentimental fools nor uneducated .. We are balanced between emotions and facts. We will not give up. #wedojallikattu #savenativebreeds #savejallikattu #savebulls
So a support rally to lift the ban and support farmers is organized on 16th January. Request all to share and spread the word.

Content details in English:

A rally to support Jallikattu a.k.a Eruthazuvuthal 

Venue: Vaadivasal in Azhanganallur (Madurai District)

Date: 16 th January 2017

Time: 10 AM onwards

Chief guest: 

Karthikeya Sivasenapathy (kangayam Senapathy cattle Research Foundation(SKCRF))

Hip-hop Thamizha (Musician/Jallikattu activist/Supporter)

#DutytosaveFarmers #Beginning


SERIES – A City and its Aroma(Muir woods)


Day 3 -we planned to escape out of the city. Someplace where we could get closer to nature, escape citylife, noises. And I bet everyone will agree with this place for its serenity. Yes, Serenity of the woods – the redwoods. Guessing the place?!? 

Yeah it is the Muir’s redwoods sanctuary. 

Redwoods @Muirs

Totally I was mesmerised in entering this place. Such a calmness, such serenity, you had to go and follow the trails to go-to viewpoints to see the orange bridge beauty. I walked and walked and the calmness you experience is something different. It actually made me hear the sound of my heart (literally 😋).

And when you have friends, you do all fun things to pose. I am dam sure you will drop your jaws at seeing such gigantic trees and you will definitely try to hug these trees and play awhile.

Hug poses😋

No wonder you feel playful and be child-like at nature’s lap. 

Hard to make ends meet 😂

There should be less words when you visualize the beauty. So check out these photos to get amazed.

And the cherry on top of this trail walking/running will lead you to the beautiful viewpoint of the SFO city. Check out this below:

And it started darkening out and we got our bus to ride down the hill and went to the city. And all the trails, running, plays made us tired and hungry.

Remember always SFO is a city of multi-cuisines. I decided to go Spanish that night. 

So we went to the famous COQUETA

COQUETA means flirt and it fits that exactly. I love cocktails and this place gave me another chance to fall for it. The fine wines ranging from red/white, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Merlot and much more authentic from Spain islands, inspired cocktails Spanish style with Spanish herbs gave a kick start to my dinner. I was three cocktails down and then we started with important starter- you will regret if you don’t try ‘croquetas de pollo’ in any Spanish. It is a out of world dish.

Croquetas de pollo

And strange suggestion from the waiter to try out the dish ‘Pulpo a la Parilla’. So what is strange about that? 
It is strange to people like me from India because the dish is nothing but a wood grilled Octopus leg served with potato and olive oil. 😌

Pulpo a la Parilla

I was blinking as if my eyes will fall out of socket but then may be my cocktails gave me some strength to try out. I pledged myself to try out once in my lifetime and I did…Oooohhhh!!!! That’s a memorable experience for all of us.

We also tried few other amazing dishes.

*“Sunny side-up” Huevo – dish with Shrimp, crispy potato, chorizo dressing
Bun sandwiches with pure goatcheese & grilled eggplant.

A playful workout day close to nature and satisfying Happy meal and cocktails, wines – Whatsmore needed for a good sleep. Day 3 ended.
#Day 4 to be continued….